Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shoe La La! We can use descriptive words!

My cupcakes have been working very hard in writing and accepted a writing CHALLENGE! We decided that we were ready to use descriptive words in our writing. The cupcakes learned that descriptive words help the reader understand their writing and visualize about the topic.

I began the lesson by reading the book, Shoe-la-la! by Karen Beaumont. This is one of my VERY favorite books, and I am sure you can guess why! Then, we learned more about descriptive words and writing with a SMARTBoard lesson I created. The cupcakes tried to guess what shoes I was writing about based on my words. They learned that if I didn't use descriptive words, they were not able to guess what shoe I wrote about. Next, came the fun part. We decorated our own shoes! The next day, we wrote about our shoes making sure to use descriptive words, and making sure to use our "3 Star Sentence" rubrics.

 In order to see if we really knew how to use descriptive words in writing, we invited Mr. Miesner, Mrs. Claud, Mrs. Lough, and some of the first grade teachers to help us out. They had to listen as we read our writing out-loud. Then, they had to look on our shoe wall and try to identify the shoe we described. The cupcakes had a lot of fun trying to challenge the adults! But guess what?? All of the cupcakes used enough descriptive words and everyone's shoe was identified correctly on the first try! I have a very talented group of Kinderwriters! As a reward, they all got a super cool mechanical pencil. They also had a blast sharing their writing news with Miss Cabral on FaceTime that Friday.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun at the Zoo!

We had a great time at The Lowry Park Zoo on Friday! The weather was a little chilly, but we warmed right up with excitement when we saw all of the animals. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who helped make the day run smoothly! Now we are totally ready to write our animal research reports! We will publishing them digitally with iPads. I will try to get the reports on the web if it is possible.

This is exactly what happened to me as soon as I got home! haha