About Mrs. Dapcic

My name is Monika. Dapcic. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Florida seven years ago to teach at Richey Elementary. I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I graduated with a Master’s in Reading from USF in December 2011.

My family is originally from Poland, and I am the first American born member. I am also the only one because I do not have brothers or sisters. My mother and father live in Chicago and everyone else is in Poland. I visit my family in Poland frequently and speak the language fluently.
I am married to Steve Dapcic whom I met here in Florida. We have been married for four years. My husband’s family is from New York, so we have become holiday travelers.

I LOVE to bake cupcakes and read cupcake books with my best friend and fellow teacher Miss Cabral! I enjoy making bows and accessories too! I have a little ETSY shop where I sell my bows and love to make them for the girls in my class. I also have a slight shoe and Starbucks addiction! My co-teacher and other best friend Mrs. Thompson and I enjoy going to Disney often! We love the princesses! I'm sure you can tell by looking around our classrooms that we also LOVE GLITTER!
Most of all, I love to teach my little cupcakes (students) everyday! They always keep me smiling, and I love to see all of the wonderful growth they show throughout the year.

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 Me with a giant Frappuccino in Poland!

We did it! We graduated with our Master’s Degrees in Reading!
 My 2011-2012 Cupcakes

Mrs. Dapcic and her best friend Mrs. Walker from kindergarten. We are still best friends 25 years later! I am also her new baby boy’s Godmother!

One of my proudest moments!

 Mrs. Loiacono, Mrs. Thompson, Ms. Cabral and I at DISNEY! Gaston is so handsome!

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