Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reading at Home

Hello Cupcakes and Sea Stars! Can you believe we are three weeks into first grade?! Now that assessment time is ending and I am beginning to send home our guided reading books, I wanted to share a little bit of research with you. I found this visual from a blog called The High-Tech Teacher. In first grade, reading achievement and growth is expected at a much faster and intense level than in kindergarten. It is important to have your child read every night. Your child has a book log in his or her folder. Please fill it out and sign each time your child reads to you. It can be a book I send home, or a library book, or a book from home. Every 100 signatures/books will get your child the prize of eating lunch with the teacher. Last year's champs who had lunch with me 2 or more times (That's 200 or more books!) were Jessica, Jose, Quin, Hunter, and Kaley. I love having lunch with the students! We have so much fun telling silly stories and eating together.